Pay for each application HERE 

Application Guidelines 

Minimum of a 600 credit score 

Applicants income 2 times the monthly rent 

No previous judgements in default

No previous writ of restitution in default 

​​​​Realtor Referral Form:

Application Process

Please read each step carefully in order to ensure your application can be processed efficiently within our office

1. Fill out one application per each adult over the age of 18 (2 adults = 2 applications). Each application must be accurate and complete for each applicant.

2. Pay for each application using the "BUY NOW" link above (2 apps= 2 application fees) 

3. Email proof of income for each applicant to 

Applications will not be processed until all 3 steps for each applicant have been completed. If one or multiple parts of the application are missing or delayed by applicant, we will move forward with the next set of applicants. Application fees are non-refundable once applications have been processed. 

​​​Barnhill Property 


App Fees
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We offer a referral fee for any licensed New Mexico Realtors.  Please fill out the referral form completely and return to our office.  

Email  any questions and proof of income to

Once in Paypal, please press the PAY WITH CREDIT/DEBIT CARD button located underneath the log in information

Please click button below to be redirected to the online application.  All individuals 18 years of age or older must submit an application.  The application fee is $75.00 per person and is non-refundable once submitted and processed.